What is a Honey Wagon and Why Would I Need One?

300E1Lots of people ask about the need for a honey wagon. Admittedly, it can be a mysterious topic and one which some people are curious about. The facts are that RVers need their tanks emptied and are not always camping on a site with a sewer hookup.

Many of these RVers will only stay overnight for a day or two if they don’t have a sewer hookup because of the inconvenience of unhooking everything and making a trip to the dump station. Campgrounds that are short on sewer sites can increase their site nights from these RVers if they provide a honey wagon service.

Our wagons can clean out your guests’ tanks in a matter of minutes. Some campgrounds charge individually for this service and this can run anywhere from $5.00 to $25.00. Others build it into the site rental fee and offer it as an added amenity.

Either way, your camping guest is likely to stay longer if they do not have to concern themselves with dumping every few days. Add the couple of extra days to a percentage of your reservations and this can significantly impact a campground’s bottom line over the course of a full season.

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    1. This depends on your local laws. Most places do not require any kind of permitting for pumping. However, we have occasionally run across a few places that require a permit to pump. I suggest that you talk with your county or township to be safe.

      If you keep your honey wagon on your own property you would not need to get a license for the honey wagon itself.

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