Benefits of a PHW in the Railway Industry

While the Phelps Honey Wagon was originally designed for use in campgrounds, there are many great benefits to owning a Phelps Honey Wagon for the railroad industry as well. This product is not only easy for you to use, but it can also make your railroad more profitable. Check out this great list of reasons why you should consider purchasing a new Phelps Honey Wagon.

  1. Pump your waste water holding tanks on locomotives or passenger cars.
  2. Be in charge of your own equipment.
  3. Have the pumping done when you need it to be done, on your schedule.
  4. Control costs by not having to outsource this service.
  5. Easily handle the durable and flexible hoses.
  6. Appreciate that our system is practically clog proof.
  7. Know when the tank is full and empty – Polyethylene translucent round tank – no rust.
  8. Easily clean the tank – No square corners for waste to hang up in.

Wagon Models

Dual Tank Systems designed for Railways

Many railroads find the daul tank system fits their needs. The PHW 300D has one septic tank and one blue water tank. This wagon will hold up to the wear and tear of everyday use and can be easily pulled with a small truck or tractor. If you need a custom system, we are more than willing to work with you to design something to meet your specific needs. We successfully designed a custom system for a railroad that is built on a skid to be used with a forklift instead of a wagon. It is pictured below on the right.