Benefits of a PHW in the Mining Industry

While the Phelps Honey Wagon was originally designed for use in campgrounds, there are many great benefits to owning a Phelps Honey Wagon the mining industry as well. This product is not only easy for you to use, but it can also make your mine more profitable as well as keep your portable toilets cleaner than if you needed to haul them up from underground. Check out this great list of reasons why you should consider purchasing a new Phelps Honey Wagon.

  1. Save time and money from dragging portable toliets in and out of the mine.
  2. Use the blue water tank to wash out the portable toliet.
  3. Heavy frame and thick tank will hold up to the wear and tear of the mine.
  4. Diesel engine works quickly and safely in a mine.
  5. Use our diesel engine to comply with mining regulations.
  6. Pump your waste water holding tanks or portable toilets above or below ground.
  7. Control costs by not having to outsource this service
  8. Be in charge of your own equipment
  9. Have the pumping done when you need it to be done, on your schedule
  10. Easily handle the durable and flexible hoses
  11. Appreciate that it is practically clog proof
  12. Know when the tank is full and empty – Polyethylene translucent round tank – no rust
  13. Easily clean the tank – No square corners for waste to hang up in

Wagon Model

PHW 300D designed for Mines

Over the past few years we have had a number of requests for a wagon model that will work well to empty portable toliets that are deep inside mines. It can create quite a mess and be extremly time comsuming dragging the portable toliets in and out of the mine. We designed the PHW 300D to help solve these problems with ease. The PHW 300D has dual tanks for septic and water. There is a 300 gallon septic tank on the rear of the wagon and a 125 gallon blue water tank on the front. This model can be ordered with a Diesel engine or a Honda Gas engine. Check out the PHW 300D product page for the entire list of specs.

Full shot of the whole set up of the tanks and hoses. There is a 300 gallon tank on the back and a 125 gallon tank on the front of the wagon.