Benefits of a PHW in the Campground Industry

The Phelps Honey Wagon was originally designed for use in campgrounds. There are many great benefits to owning a Phelps Honey Wagon. This product is not only easy for you to use, but it can also make your campground more profitable. When you charge for this service, you can not only pay for your wagon but have an additional income as well. Check out this great list of reasons why you should consider purchasing a new Phelps Honey Wagon.

  1. Save money by pumping out your own pit toilets at your convenience.
  2. Pump out holding tanks under remote cabins or park models.
  3. Save money by eliminating the cost of installing and maintaining an in-ground sewer system.
  4. Receive full hook-up rates for your campground sites.
  5. Easily handle the durable, flexible hoses and adapter.
  6. Pump down your pool in the fall.
  7. Appreciate that it is practically clog proof.
  8. Know that the wagon comes complete with all fittings, hoses, and RV adapter.
  9. Know when the tank is full and empty – Polyethylene translucent round tank – no rust.
  10. Easily clean the tank – No square corners for waste to hang up in.

Wagon Models

PHW models for Campgrounds

Most of the Phelps Honey Wagons work really well for campgrounds. We haveĀ all different types depending on what you need. Our most popular models for campgrounds are the PHW 300G and the PHW 500G. These wagons have a Honda or Briggs & Stratton engine. Our newest model, the PHW 300D is a dual-tank model with a 300 gallon tank for sewage and a 125 gallon tank for blue water to use for wash down.