Frequently Asked Questions


How does the diaphragm pump work?

The diaphragm pump is mounted to the trailer. You take the 50 foot 2″ hose to the RV outlet; hook up with the adapter; let the pump do the work. The pump has an up and down stroke. The up stroke takes the liquid in and the down stroke pushes it into the tank. With 40-60 gallons per minute the tank will be empty in no time.

How does the macerator pump work?

You take the pump to the RV waste gate and hook up with the adapter. The pump grinds the waste into 1/8″ particles and pumps it through a 1″ hose to the HONEY WAGON.

Will the pump clog easily?

The diaphragm pumps will move anything that will pass through the 2-inch hoses. The macerator will not handle hard items such as plastic, peach pits, cigarette filters, tampons, etc.

Why choose a diaphragm pump over a vacuum pump?

Vacuum is faster for first 1/2 tank, but once the tank gets low, it is hard to hold the vacuum. There is also a chance of collapsing the holding tank with the vacuum. The vacuum pump is also much noisier and expels more odors. There is little time difference between the two in the total time used to completely empty the tank.

What is the HP of the pump?

  • 300M has 1/3 HP electric
  • 300E & 500E have 1 1/2 HP electric
  • 300G & 500G
    • 3 1/2 HP Briggs & Stratton Gas Engine
    • 5 1/2 HP Honda Gas Engine

Repairs & Shipping

How are the units shipped?

The units are crated and shipped on their wheels by motor freight, delivered by our driver, or are available for customer pick-up.

How do I get repair parts?

Most parts are kept in stock and available for shipment the same or next day.

What is the warranty?

  • The tank and trailer have a one year limited warranty.
  • The diaphragm pump has a one year warranty, except for wearable parts.
  • The hoses, pump, motor, and adapters have a 60 day warranty.
  • The gas engines are warranted by their respective authorized dealers.
    • Honda engine – 2 year warranty
    • Briggs & Stratton engine – 90 day warranty

How long after I order until the wagon is ready for shipment?

It normally takes 1-2 weeks for in stock wagons. In the slow season, it may not be as long. Special order wagons take 4-6 weeks.

Where is my closest dealer?

We have no dealers. Units are sold factory direct from our location in South Central Pennsylvania (halfway between Harrisburg and Gettysburg).


Can I build my own wagon?

If you are mechanically inclined and have the facilities, we sell complete pump kits to install on a trailer and tank. We also sell tanks separately.

What method can I use to handle pump-outs so I’m not pumping on demand?

Some owners pump on specific days of the week. Others have their seasonals hang a request tag. Daily campers could also sign up at the office to be pumped at a specific time.

What is an appropriate fee to charge to pump an RV?

Most Phelps Honey Wagon owners charge three times their daily sewer rates.

How does the tank empty?

It is gravity drained, allowing for quick, clean, and easy use.

How do I know when the Honey Wagon tank is full?

The plastic tanks are translucent. Therefore, the level of the tank can easily be monitored while using the wagon.