We Love Helping You Turn a Dirty Job in to an Easy and Profitable Income Stream

Phelps Honey WagonCampground operators have a lot to deal with in the everyday operation of their parks. Your guests stay for days, weeks, and even months in some cases. They eat, drink, play, and create a lot of waste. If you are the campground operator you know how crazy your days can be. The last thing you need is problems with your own septic system or unhappy campers without access to pumping for their holding tanks.

Most RV park and campground owners we speak with will mention that having more sites with sewer hookups is on their wish list but the cost can be very high. That’s why the Phelps Honey Wagon is a stress reducer in so many ways. For far less than the cost of installing sewer hookups on campsites, a honey wagon will not only tackle your tank pumping needs but it will generate revenue as well. We are always hearing from our customers who tell us how quickly their honey wagon paid for itself and how they only wish they had purchased sooner.

Every campground is unique as are the owners and managers who put their heart and soul into keeping operations smooth and campers happy. While one park might be best served with a 300-gallon tank on their honey wagon, another park might need our largest tank which holds 1,035 gallons. Some campgrounds have plenty of room to navigate around campsites and others have areas that are in a tight corner. Some use their honey wagon to service 10 campsites and others have a hundred sites needing service.

The good news is that there is a honey wagon designed to fit most circumstances. We offer eight models to fit your needs. If you have specifics that our models don’t address we can customize one for you. We look forward to working with you and helping you to expand the services you offer at your campground. Call us soon so we can talk about your needs and how we can help.

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