Phelps Honey Wagon was originally designed by a campground owner to provide as a service for his clients. Providing a pumping service is an excellent way to provide extra income and attract more customers to your campground. We have custom RV fittings that will connect directly to an RV. Pumping an RV is quick, easy, and clean.




Buying a Phelps Honey Wagon for your Mine is an excellent way to save money and provide a good solution for pumping our your portable toilets. Many mines currently have to transport full toilets in and out of the mine. Our honey wagon is extremely mobile and can be ordered with a Diesel engine that works well inside a mine.




If your railroad is trying to find a good solution to pumping out your locomotive and passenger cars, consider a Phelps Honey Wagon. Our wagon provides a easy and clean way for you to empty your cars. We will work directly with you to customize your wagon to fit your specific needs.




Adding the services of a Phelps Honey Wagon to your marina will greatly enhance your business. Our wagon is very easy to use and will help keep your waters clean. We have customized an adapter that will work with most boats and can work with you to provide anything else you might need.