Stealth Gray Water Dumping

Gray Water DumpingMost campers are respectful of their environment and of the waste water dumping rules at your RV park or campground. There are a few, however, who can create problems by secretly dumping gray water at their campsite. When asked why they would do such a thing, the answers typically run along the lines of “I couldn’t get a sewer site and unhooking everything to go to the dump station is too much work. It’s only sink water, what’s the big deal?”

You know the problems this can cause in your campground as the dumped water attracts insects, small animals, and can smell bad. This type of straight dumping to ground can also go against city, state, and federal laws, depending on your location. It is just bad manners, creating a problem for the next campers who inhabit the campsite. Your reputation is at stake when your campsites are compromised by this activity. You may not be able to change the availability of sewer hookups at your campground but you can provide Honey Wagon service.

By offering to go to your camper, instead of asking them to unhook everything and drive to the dump station, you are greatly decreasing the likelihood that campers will attempt to secretly drain their tanks on the ground. It is a proactive strategy vs. a reactive one and can reduce your stress by quite a bit. No one wants to get calls from campers complaining of smell around their campsite and then have to further insult them with the smell of bleach after your clean up.

The expense of a Phelps Honey Wagon is small in comparison to the cost of lost customers due to inconvenient sewer dumping access. And…the honey wagon can earn its own way through fees charged as you pump. It is a wise investment if you find you are experiencing more situations like this at your RV park or campground.

We would be happy to talk to you about multiple options that would suit your particular situation. Please call us and we will work together to resolve this issue for you.

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