Campers Leave Bad Reviews Over Poor Dump Station Experiences

Campers Review Dump StationsThe two most common concerns for campers seem to be clean bathrooms and good dump stations. You see these issues commented on over and over again when reading campground and RV park reviews online. These are things your campers expect and will voice their disappointment loudly when things don’t go as they had hoped.

We recently read a review from a camper who had rented a cabin in a highly rated campground. Upon arrival the family detected a strong sewer smell in the cabin. They complained to management and, unfortunately, could not be moved as all the cabins were full. They were given their money back and left the campground. The camper was understandably upset as the children were crying when told they had to leave and months of looking forward to this family vacation evaporated within minutes of checking in.

The problem may have been a plugged sewer in the cabin. That is a situation that takes time to correct. If the campground had a honey wagon, however, they would have been able to quickly drain the tank, clear the odor, and save the family’s vacation, avoiding a negative review that will now live forever online.

Bathroom cleanliness is a quick fix when customers complain but sewer problems are a different animal. Having a honey wagon around for fast solutions to sewer problems can save you more money than it costs you to purchase one. If a family camps an average of five nights per year, and comes back for five years, it would only take a few super-sewer-saves with your honey wagon to completely pay back your purchase.

We offer you a solution that can save your site nights and your reputation online. Give us a call to talk about options specific to your campground. Your campers will remain happy ones and will look forward to returning often.

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