A Phelps Honey Wagon to Fit Every Need

One of the benefits you gain by purchasing a Phelps Honey Wagon is the breadth of choices you are offered when deciding what will work best for your company. We understand that every company, campground, marina, railroad, and mining operation has its own unique set up so we provide a variety of honey wagons to choose from.

When deciding on tank capacity, you can choose from 300 gallons to our extra large 1035 Phelps 1035G honey wagongallon capacity model. You know best what capacity tank will work for your business and it will be accompanied by a suitably sized engine to do the work.  You can decide whether you need a single-axle or tandem axle trailer and we can guide you to the models that are best suited for that type of trailer.

You will receive a one year warranty on your trailer and tank. That is also true for the pump, except for wearable parts. The engines are warrantied by authorized dealers with Honda’s being two years and Briggs & Stratton being 90 days.

If you don’t find a ready-made model that suits you we can build a custom wagon for you. We have worked closely with many customers throughout the years in designing and producing the specific equipment your facility needs. You can find photos of our past work at this link – Custom Wagons. Be sure to click on the photos to read more about each design.

There is little in the way of maintenance you need to perform to keep your honey wagon running smoothly. If you happen to need parts you can just call us and we do our best to get your parts shipped out the next day. If you have questions about the diaphragm your honey wagon is equipped with, we provide downloadable links to diagrams for the pumps we use; the Macerator Pump, the Diaphragm Pump pre-2003, and the Diaphram Pump post-2003.

We want your experience with our honey wagons to be top notch and we are available to assist you with any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we look forward to working with you for years to come.

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