Customer Spotlight – Penmarallter Campground

Penmarallter Campground Honey WagonThis lovely, private campground in Two Harbors, Minnesota, offers 24 pull through RV sites on 13 acres. 5 of those sites have sewer hookups and the remainder of them are water and electric only. They are large sites and can accommodate rigs up to 50 feet in length. The campground was originally purchased by Cliff and Lee Hansen who built it, in 1968, while still raising their four kids; Pennie, Marilyn, Allen, and Terry.  In 1991, Pennie and her husband, Stan, purchased the campground from her parents and have been operating it ever since.

The Two Harbors area was originally settled mainly by men from Sweden, Norway, or the French and English from Canada. The first real commerce to go in was called Whiskey Row, which
consisted of 22 saloons and dance halls. Later, as the families began to arrive, churches, businesses, banks and schools began to be built as well. Today it is a beautiful community
with a neighborly atmosphere and a sense of quiet and calm that campers appreciate.

There is a dump station at Penmarallter Campground and guests are welcome to use it for emptying their holding tanks as needed. The owners, Stan & Pennie, realized, however, that many of their guests preferred not to have to move their rigs to dump their tanks.

They decided to purchase a Phelps Honey Wagon in 2007 and have been able to provide onsite pumping services ever since. They have found that many of their campers extend their original plans of staying for a day or two to a week or even a month when they learn they can have their tanks pumped on site. The campers seem more than happy to pay the small fee and Stan & Pennie are able to provide a service to more campers who will probably return and tell their friends.

Another interesting fact is that the new honey wagon was put into service during a time when fuel prices were rising and many businesses were reporting that revenues were down. Stan & Pennie found that this was the opposite effect for them. Their business improved during that challenging economy and they have been our loyal customers ever since.

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