Concern Continues to Grow Over the Zika Virus

Stagnant Water RemovalAs we reach mosquito season again this year it comes with new concerns. Each day we hear new reports about the very real risk of the Zika Virus  which is transmitted by mosquitoes.

There are four basic preventative measures we are advised to take:

Dress: – Wear long sleeves and long pants when you can, especially when you’re outside
Deet: – Make sure this insect repellent is something you use often
Drain: – Remove all standing water in your yard and neighborhood. Mosquitoes develop in stagnant water in as little as three days so making sure the water is removed quickly is very important.
Dusk/Dawn – Avoid being outside between dusk and dawn.

One of the things a honey wagon can help with on this list is the standing water. You’ll be amazed at just how much standing water you find once you start looking for it on your property
and also how fast you can pump it up with a honey wagon. They are mounted on a slim and mobile frame so that maneuvering through trees and shrubs is not a problem. You can hook up and tow your honey wagon from spot to spot until all areas of concern have been vacuumed up and are completely safe and dry. It is so convenient to operate that you can do this on a regular basis without feeling as though you are muscling through a major project each time.

When checking your property for standing water be sure to look along the base of fence posts, and check trees for cavities in the trunk which could hold water. Are there any old tires, or
containers scattered around? Be aware of low spots in the soil in which water could be pooling. There might be bird feeders, mailboxes, or curled up garden hoses that are holding water. Once you go over the property a few times after a good rain you will learn the most likely places to search and things will go more quickly each time.

We’d be happy to talk to you about using a honey wagon to keep standing and/or stagnant water from creating problems near your home and family. Feel free to contact us any time.

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