US Forest Service Contracts – Incident Base Camps

Forest Service ContractsThe US Forest Service is tasked with protecting millions of acres of land across the United States and it typically does so by establishing base camps. An example would be during a wild fire. These base camps become small communities in which many people come and go, eat, sleep, use the restrooms, and shower. They typically have to bring in all their supplies, including water, and have to manage removing trash, recycling, and wastewater – both gray and black.

They have a long history of working with non-governmental businesses in fulfilling their many needs during these incidents. You have to obtain a contract to work with the Forest Service and there are three to choose from; Construction, Service, or Supply.

There are several steps to take in order to establish yourself with the Forest Service but you can learn all about it here > How to Contract with the Forest Service

A Phelps Honey Wagon, or a fleet of them, could be put to good use if you are awarded a contract to remove waste water at base camps. Since each incident is unique and has unique needs, our broad range of tank sizes and customizations can provide you the adaptability you need to respond accordingly per incident.

Protecting America’s resources as the US Forest Service does is honorable work and serving those who are risking life and limb to do so is honorable work as well. Contact us if you have any questions about how our honey wagons might be suitable for assisting you in this capacity.

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