Grease Trap Pumping Service With a Honey Wagon

Grease Trap Pumping ServiceMost state and local regulations are very clear on the importance of grease trap maintenance in the food service business. Grease traps keep fats, oils, and grease from entering the local sewer system. They are specific on the type, location, and number of grease traps a facility must have. It is generally required that all grease traps within the facility be readily accessible for inspection and a maintenance record must be kept. The food service facilities are charged with acquiring quality grease trap pumping services.

Well maintained grease traps prevent sewer back-ups that can put companies out of business for days and cost enormous amounts of money in repairs and fines. Some companies will offer to clean grease traps through the use of enzymes but be cautious of that. Check with your local authorities as many do not permit that type of cleaning.

Cleaning these traps is not a job for a typical employee and most establishments hire a professional. Another reason restaurants do not do it themselves is that the materials that are pumped from these grease traps can be challenging to dispose of. The service providers who take the time to establish correct channels for disposal can build a successful business of regularly pumping out these traps for many local businesses in their area.

A Phelps Honey Wagon can handle the work. Its low cost of entry allows a beginner to get started and build the business as they go. Our honey wagons are built to resist clogging and to facilitate easy clean out and maintenance. They are mobile and can efficiently pump 40 – 50 gallons per minute. Let us know if you have any questions about how a honey wagon might help you in your service business. We look forward to hearing from you.

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