Standing Water Removal

Standing Water RemovalStanding water can be a health risk. Left too long, the water can become stagnant and host a breeding ground for mosquitoes, dragonflies, and houseflies as well.

There are three types of standing water to address:

  • Bodies of water, such as ponds and swampy areas
  • Surface and ground waters
  • Trapped water such as old containers, flat roofs, and hollow tree trunks

With what we know about mosquitoes and the diseases they can carry, clearing your environment of standing water is an important task to be performed regularly.  Mosquitoes can infect dogs with Heartworm and humans with several life threatening viruses such as West Nile Virus and the Zika Virus.

Anyone with property in a low lying area or with high rainfall and humidity would benefit from having a Phelps Honey Wagon. Pumping up standing water is an ongoing chore in these situations and the honey wagon is available whenever needed. The compact frame and lightweight design make it a preferred tool for accessing lawns, yards, and other properties without damaging grass, shrubs, or driveways.

Its ease of maintenance also adds to the value of the honey wagon. Many of our customers have owned theirs for more than ten years. Keeping the honey wagon protected from the environment when not in use, and performing simple annual maintenance, will keep it running for years to come.

If standing water is a concern for you, your family, or your business, a honey wagon is an efficient and cost effective long-term solution.

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