Pumping Flooded Basements

Pumping Flooded BasementsOne of the most destructive elements on earth is water. Heavy rains can raise the ground water level over the level of your basement and sump pump. When that happens, your basement could flood.

Sometimes, the source of flooding is a slow one such as seepage through the basement walls or floor. This presents an ongoing task of regularly removing the water that has accumulated until the source of the problem can be fixed.

The expense of a flooded basement can be very high. Often, the home owner doesn’t live in an area considered a flood plain or they did not think to purchase a flood policy because they thought their standard homeowner’s policy would cover this type of damage. When you consider that the average homeowner’s flood claim is approximately $30,000, a flooded basement can be a big emergency.

Depending on where the water is coming from, basement flood water can contain harmful chemicals or sewer discharge.  It is important to get the water out of the basement as quickly as possible to reduce the damage the water can do to the structure of the home and to the owner’s possessions.

A Phelps Honey Wagon is a light, mobile solution for an emergency like this. The water can quickly be pumped out of the basement. Having the ability to dry the area quickly, once pumped out, will save the family from battling the inevitable mold that can follow if the basement is left wet for too long. If the problem is ongoing, the Honey Wagon is at the ready to pump water whenever needed.

When there are several homes in an area that are susceptible to flooding, a Honey Wagon can be a community asset. An example would be an area of homes governed by a member association. All the members would benefit from having a Honey Wagon at their disposal in the event of flooding in their home or on their property.


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