Increase Your RV Rally Revenue

RV Rally RevenueRVers are a friendly bunch and they often like to travel together in rallies. It’s a great way for them to share things they have in common.

They may all be traveling in the same brand of RV or from the same area of the country. They might be all women or a group of Single RVers. They could also be from the same family who are gathering for a reunion.

The most important thing to these groups is that they are located on sites near each other, and they also like a sewer hookup.  The challenge for campground owners can be that they have some sewer sites open but not as many as the rally is requesting.  They may have open electric and water sites right next to the sewer sites but the rally campers want full hook ups. That’s the time a honey wagon can really come to the rescue.

When you have the capability to go to each rally member and empty their tanks for them you solve all of their concerns about not having full hookups. Having a honey wagon substantially increases your capability to host these rallies.

When you consider that most rallies total 10 or more rigs and they stay for 3 to 4 days, you can see the potential increase in revenue over the course of a season. And rally members talk. They make a lot of their decisions by word of mouth. If they are happy with the service received at your park they will tell others. If you include pumping service in the rates you quote for the rally, you will have a very happy group of campers.

It would take only a couple of rallies in the first year to pay the cost of the honey wagon and everything after that would be pure profit.

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