Start a Rural Home Septic Pumping Business

Sewer Pumping BusinessThe average 1 or 2 bedroom home has septic tank capacity of about 750 gallons and should be emptied at least every three years. There is an opportunity for an individual to start their own septic tank pumping service without investing in a big pumping truck, hoses, and employee training.

The Phelps Honey Wagon 1035G has a 1035 gallon tank and it would be a simple solution in rural areas of your community for servicing customers who need their tanks pumped.

There are also areas of the country in which people own vacation property they visit occasionally. It may be for a season or just weekends but they may have an RV parked on the site and have not installed a sewer system on the property. These people would be good customers to approach for regular pumping service since it would save them from doing this job themselves.

Starting a pumping service with a honey wagon gives you several advantages that other pumping companies don’t have. Because your honey wagon is mounted on a trailer, you are far more mobile and can operate with fewer expenses. Your vehicle insurance would be much less and so would your fuel. You could easily access remote properties and provide service to people the big companies do not have time for.

There are often opportunities for a small operation in an arena that is dominated by large operations. The smallest, off-the-beaten-path home and property owners need tank pumping and often find the price too high to pay. Large companies must charge more to cover their overhead. This type of honey wagon service would allow a person to charge less while still profiting from the work involved.


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