Honey Wagons for Quick Cleaning of Hot Tubs Between Guests

Honey Wagon for cleaning hot tubsWe are seeing more RV parks and campgrounds offering cabin rentals with a hot tub included in the package. It is a fabulous amenity that the campers enjoy immersing themselves in during their stay but it is also a considerable job to clean before the next camper arrives. A Phelps honey wagon can make the cleaning process go much faster.

Just as happens in hotels, campgrounds have only a small window to clean cabins from the time a camper checks out until another family arrives to check in. The whole cabin, much like a tiny home, must be cleaned from top to bottom and if you add to that a hot tub, a cleaning team can become quite stretched to get it all done.

In addition to the time factor, hot tubs that are used in that capacity must be maintained in the manor each state sets forth for businesses to follow. There are systems requiring the hot tub be drained, cleaned with specific products, in a specific way, and refilled with chemicals predetermined to be safe for people who enter the hot tub.

The whole operation can be done much more quickly with a honey wagon and some campgrounds use it solely for that purpose. It is much faster to draw the 300+ gallons of water with a honey wagon than to wait for the water to drain. Our honey wagons can draw up to 50 gallons per minute so it wouldn’t take long to empty the hot tub. This speeds up the entire operation and allows the cleaning team to quickly move on to the next cabin.

There are so many interesting ways to put a honey wagon to work in your business. We love hearing how you are using yours so please drop us a line and share your experience.

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