Granny Pods and a Honey Wagon; A Creative Solution

2267c0ab85a3574d65253161fe836dc9It’s been interesting to see several articles spring up lately about the advantages of building small cottages in the backyard for aging parents. The benefits are that the elders can be close to family if they need assistance while still maintaining their independence and it is a much cheaper option than assisted living.

We can imagine a Phelps Honey Wagon would be useful in situations like this while saving the cost of running sewer to the backyard. You might be able to avoid building permits as well, depending on your local ordinances.

You wouldn’t have to hire an outside service to pump the tanks and could do it yourself in just a few minutes, depending on the size of the tanks. We live in an interesting time with creative citizens who find a way to make things work on their own terms. These backyard cottages fall under that category and we will be interested to see if the trend continues to grow as the baby boomers age.

You can read more about this trend and see building plans and design ideas below:

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