Waste Disposal in the Mines

mine toiletWhen we think of mining and the people who work underground for long hours each day, we don’t often think about how they manage regular activities that we take for granted. It is unlikely that miners come up from hundreds of feet below the surface to eat their lunch, use the restroom, and wash their hands, but these are needs that have to be provided for when working under ground.

Specialty mining toilets are available and, much like an RV, they are equipped with fresh water and waste water tanks. These must be emptied somehow and bringing them up to the top each time they fill can be very cumbersome. The mining company can rely on an outside service to come in and empty tanks but things can go awry there so the safest bet is to own the equipment and have the ability to do it yourself.

Phelps Honey Wagons are a practical solution for emptying the tanks of these portable bathrooms. Because we make them in a variety of weights, volumes, and engine sizes, the right honey wagon can be chosen for the space that is available below.  With our honey wagons you can not only empty the portable toilets but also wash them out by drawing from the blue water tank. They last for years with little required maintenance and clean up easily.

Mining companies that want to control their costs and not rely on an outside service would benefit from owning their own valuable waste management tool; a Phelps Honey Wagon.

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