Our Honey Wagons are Long Lasting and Low Maintenance

It requires a surprisingly small amount of maintenance to keep your Phelps Honey Wagon operating for years to come. Many of our customers have owned theirs for fifteen years and they are still going strong.


Back view of the diaphragm pump. The black cover is removed so you can see the plunger arm that goes up and down to provide the pumping action.


We recommend you annually check the engine oil, gear oil, and both flapper valves which are on the suction and discharge sides of the pump. After each eight hours of use make sure the plunger bearing is well greased. There is little else to do besides keeping it protected from the elements. The polyethylene tank is weather resistant though these added measures will ensure its longevity.

If you keep your honey wagon inside during the off season you’ll greatly extend its life. Tucking it away from weather will protect your honey wagon and keep it available for you for additional years to come.

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